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How To Overcome The Hurdles of Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat

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Buying a bidet seat requires some planning and research but is not as big of a task as it may seem. Still, there are some pre-purchase hurdles customer’s face when deciding to buy a bidet seat. In this blog, we’ll crush these concerns and some of the most common hurdles that keep people from buying a bidet seat.

Opposition from Family Members

Most of our customers are forced to hold off buying a bidet seat as their spouse or family members resist buying one. If you are in this position, here’s how to get around it.

We get to hear stories from our happy customers that their previously hesitant spouse has seen the light and won’t stop raving about the new toilet seat. If family members aren’t warming up to the idea of a bidet seat, just tell them without pressing any buttons it’s just a regular toilet seat. Let them just enjoy the heated seat without any bidet functions.

Waiting for Bathroom Remodel Project

Another common misconception about bidet toilet seats is that the installation is laborious and requires a contractor. And so, they wait to purchase a bidet seat until they begin a large-scale bathroom renovation project. 

But, as a matter of fact installing a bidet toilet seat is quite easy and takes about 20 minutes. One can remove it when a bathroom remodel and can reinstall the bidet seat afterwards. Thus, you don’t need a contractor to plan out the bidet seat installation process as it simply fits on top of your toilet bowl. Another issue is the possibility of changing toilets in the future. For instance, you have a round toilet now and want to change to an elongated toilet next year. This can be tackled by changing a round sized bidet seat to an elongated bidet seat by replacing the seat and lid.

There is no Electrical Outlet near the Toilet

Bidet toilet seats can be operated by plugging it into an electrical outlet near the toilet. Most of the builders don’t typically consider this requirement during construction and is becoming a more common request recently with bidet seats gaining popularity. The power cords on most bidet seats are about 4 ft long, but what should you do if the outlet is farther than that?

A simple way is to use an extension cord. Ensure the cord is 3 prong extension cord rated to handle at least 1500W.

Bidet seats are expensive

Another hurdle customer’s face is justifying its price. A good quality bidet seat will cost from $200 - $1000. 

However, bidet seats are an appliance which is used multiple times in a day and comes with a life span of 6-9 years. Using a bidet seat drastically reduces your toilet paper usage by about 80%. 

Arduous Installation

Some people think installing a bidet seat requires time and manpower. But, the fact is that it is easy to install and uninstall the bidet seats and doesn’t require a plumber or specific tools.

There is a connection to the water supply and two bolts to hold its mounting hardware to the toilet bowl.

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