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Top 5 reasons for buying remote control bidet toilet seat

Still, wondering whether it is a good idea to invest in a remote-controlled bidet toilet seat? To help you out, we have shared some top reasons that will convince you to upgrade your old toilet into a smart bidet toilet. Let us check out!

Self-cleaning function

It may be monotonous for every busy homeowner to clean the toilet bowl by scrubbing out the dirt around the rim including the inner sides of the bowl, thanks to the smart bidet toilet seat with its self-cleaning mechanism. The self-cleaning nozzle works by rinsing the spray nozzle with water before and after a wash cycle. The nozzle oscillates back and forth during sterilization function ensuring that the full length of the nozzle is thoroughly cleaned with water. This useful feature keeps your toilet bowl and nozzle on your bidet clean and sanitary. Turning out your toilet into a smart one with a bidet toilet seat available at our bidet shop offers every homeowner to enjoy a clean and stain-free toilet.

LED lights

The real struggle comes at late night with an urge to use the toilet, particularly for elderly people and children. But, the special feature of LED lights available for high-end bidet toilet seats allows the households kids and elderly to use the toilet even in the darkness with the LED lights of a bidet as their guide.

Heated toilet seat

Sitting on a cold toilet seat will be most discomforting especially during the cold days. Well, end this misery of having to deal with a cold toilet seat by installing our smart bidet toilet seat. A heated toilet seat works by enabling a handheld remote control or by a control panel mounted on the side of the seat which helps you to adjust the temperature of your heated toilet seat making it warmer on cold days.

Automatic flush function

Pandemic days have taught us a lesson to be hygienic which is now possible even in our toilets. Every time after use the toilet enjoys hands-free flushing with the auto flushing functionality available on the bidet toilet seat. Sensors in the electric toilet flush valve detect a motion such as a person waving their hand towards the sensor when the toilet is used and flushing it automatically.

Customized remote control

Every smart bidet toilet seat can be configured with the needs and preferences of the user. If you have elderly ones in your home by fixing a bidet toilet seat with remote control can help to ease the toilet experience. The remote control can be hand-held or attached to the side panel of the toilet seat which one can choose to suit their needs. We strongly believe that the customized remote control is user-friendly and be adjusted for every user with special needs in the bathroom. For instance, with a push of a button water temperature can be set for your cleaning needs.

Now, ready to upgrade your toilet? If you want to know more about the different features visit our site of Izen Bidet Australia to find the latest bidet toilet seat collections and other bathroom products.