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Features of Remote Control Bidet Seats: A Complete Guide

Over the last couple of years, intelligent toilets with remote control bidet seats have gained immense popularity due to their several health and hygiene benefits. A smart toilet seat uses a remote control system to operate the toilet bowl. Additionally, some electronic bidet types can be controlled via tablets and cell phones.

In essence, this system uses a directed stream of water without using bathroom tissues to clean the desired area of your body. As personal hygiene and comfort have increased, smart toilets have become more popular worldwide. Reports estimate that the global Smart Toilet Seat Market will reach USD 955 million by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 3.5%.

In this article, let's explore what remote control bidet seats have to offer:

1) Toilet Seat with Intelligence: 

A variety of features and automatic controls are available on intelligent toilet seats. Their facilities include a water heater, an oscillating spray, heated benches, a hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, and night lighting, which can be controlled via remote control. 

2) LED Light: 

It is possible to locate the toilet seat in the middle of the night without turning on the main light with future LED night lights. A sophisticated appearance can be achieved in the bathroom by using ambient lighting. A smart toilet night light is commonly available in light blue or white.

3) Hot air dryer: 

You can also use hot air drying after using the toilet. Despite your best efforts, moisture will remain on your skin. Hot air currents remove moisture from the skin in such bidets.

4) Washing Turbo: 

Turbo wash mode produces a powerful stream of water that helps with toilet usage. Designed for rear washing, it is accurate and completely cleaned and is available in most smart toilets that have a normal washing option.

5) Accessible to People with Disabilities: 

People with mobility problems and senior citizens can benefit greatly from remote control bidet toilet seats, as they only have to position themselves on the bidet as you would on a regular toilet, and the toilet immediately cleans. 

6) Changing the Dryer's Air Temperature:

 If the toilet seat is equipped with a hot air dryer, it can be customized. Air dryer temperatures and pressures can be adjusted. Depending on the model, strengths can be set from 3 to 5. The feature allows for a smoother drying experience while reducing the need for toilet paper.

7) Wash with Aerated Water: 

This feature introduces micro water air bubbles into the water stream during the washing process. As a result, the cleaning quality is improved, and the water used is reduced.

8) Deodorization:

 Toilets with bidets may be equipped with active deodorization. Compressed air filtration prevents unnecessary odors from entering the bathroom when the wind blows.


People no longer have to struggle to clean up with dry toilet paper and move around awkwardly while doing so and risk cross-contamination with remote control bidet seats. Using a remote control bidet toilet seat allows users to assist themselves independently, giving them confidence and making their lives easier. 

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